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November 01 is celebrated as a state festival on the occasion of the formation of the state, Karnataka.

Kannada Rajyotsava was celebrated with patriotic fervor in the school with teachers dressed in the  theme colours of Karnataka . Our Principal, Shobhana Prabhakaran lit the lamp to commence the celebrations.  In her address to the students, she reiterated on the need to know about the greatness of our state and on the importance of learning the local language which helps in creating a sense of belonging and an emotional bond with the place we have chosen as our home and also convenient for all purposes like business and other interactions in our daily lives.   Plays and poems written by famous Kannada personalities were showcased by the students through dances where they also expressed their gratitude to the people who fought for Karnataka, leaders, sportsmen, poets, scientists, and farmers.   The highlight of the programme was a dance drama by the students that focused on how we need to protect our rivers and thereby solve the farmer’s problems.  On a special note, Rajyotsava will be celebrated in the school for the whole month of November