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June 05 2015 Environment Day
June 05-2015 Environment Day
June 05-2015 Environment Day2
June 05-2015 Environment Day3
June 05 2015 Environment Day June 05 2015 Environment Day2 June 05 2015 Environment Day3

Environment Day- Future of green is yellow, let’s keep it green.

Environment Day was celebrated by our children through a skit titled “Green Messengers.”  Our primary teachers presented a group song on Nature in Hindi and Kannada.  Our Principal, Mrs. Shobhana Prabhakaran while addressing our children spoke about the significance of world environment day. She motivated the students to be able to take an Eco-conscious decision of being more aware of the environment, give a thought to the three “ R’s, (reduce, re-use, and recycle), and not set aside only one day in a year to discuss environment concerns, but to make it part of their everyday life and make our Mother Earth cleaner, greener and sustainable.     The day ended with our students participating in a class-wise environment-theme based rally where they made promises for the future and also planted saplings.