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National Hill View Public School unit-2 recently held its first student council elections to enable students to elect their own captains.  It was also a novel idea to have a practical experience of the classroom learning especially in the subject Social Studies.  The campaign started with speeches given by all those wishing to contest, out of which the most eligible were nominated. All the nominees believed that the whole school needs to work together to make a difference. After nomination, the candidates had to campaign and appeal to everyone for votes with their unique symbols and party names, each with their own significance during a specific time slot.

On the second day of campaigning, the candidates showcased their different talents to convey why they needed to be elected as the Captain. It was extremely hard to choose between them as they were all equally competent for the post.

Being able to elect one’s representative is the right of any individual. Each one of the students and the teachers in the high school was allowed to exercise this right and the students cast their first votes. This had been a new and an overall exciting experience to both the voters and the candidates as a platform to discover the leader within oneself, and as a blank canvas to fill up with the colours of everyone’s talents- all provided by the school Principal, Mrs. Shobhana Prabhakaran and the department of Life Skills.