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ENVIRONMENT DAY- 2019-“ Greening the Blue”

The theme of the World environment day being Air pollution, an awareness walkathon was held by NEF trust for both the National Hill View Public schools and GAT college raising slogans and holding placards leaving motorists and the residents of RR nagar in awe.  Dollu kunitha, a traditional folk dance on the need to save the environment was also performed.

As usual, at the special assembly, Our Principal, Mrs. Shobhana Prabhakaran, reinforced on the health hazards  and  pollution, depletion, and ignorance and on how we could make our environment a conducive place to live in.  She emphasized on each and every one taking up the responsibility, by starting from home and school, of a clean environment by paying attention to saving water and electricity, growing more plants and replacing those that have been uprooted, and being more careful while disposing waste.

A MIME on the Environment was performed by our students

The lower and pre-primary children took a nature walk in our school campus displaying posters and raising slogans all making a conscious impact on the minds of everyone.

Let us pledge to make the Environment day an everyday affair.