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CBSE workshop on life skills-May 24, 2018.

Our School, National Hill View Public School-Unit II organised an In-Service Training Programme for teachers on 24 May, 2018. The workshop was conducted by Dr.  Vasanthi Thiagarajan and Mrs. Manila Carvalho.

Life skill aspects were discussed with the help of activities, which was a fun- filled way to comprehend each of these.

At the outset, the teachers were handed a need analysis questionnaire. The workshop began with a talk by Dr. . Vasanthi Thiagarajan. The workshop focused on the need to enhance life skills in students through various activities and moral stories.

Life Skills are behaviours used appropriately and responsibly in the management of personal affairs. Here, teachers were spoken to, about different types of life skills like empathy, problem- solving, critical-thinking, creative thinking, inter-personal relationships, intra- personal relationships, managing stress and emotions, decision-making and self- awareness. The teachers  were asked to draw a web diagram so that they could easily identify which web it was that drew their parents, relatives or their friends. The objective of drawing this web of relationship was to test their inter-personal relationships.

The workshop was an eye opener as the enlightened teachers looked forward with new hope at the dawn of the new academic year.