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14Jul 18

Playgroup II- Good Oral Habits

The children had an interactive session with Dr. Madhuri Satya, dentist, with demonstrations on the correct methods of brushing and good oral hygiene habits.

21Jun 18

Yoga Day

International Yoga day was organized by the National Hill View Public School emphasizing on  “ Sound mind in a sound body”.  The students displayed various exercises beginning with suryanamaskar, breathing exercises and ended with pranayam.  Our Principal Mrs. Shobhana Prabhakaran spoke about yoga being practiced since age old times tracing back to the rishis and sages. Yoga helps in developing positive thoughts and achieving perfection.  The Principal, teachers and the students actively participated in the yoga exercises.  Benefits of yoga were highlighted thereby encouraging the students to practice yoga for good health and well being.

05Jun 18


Theme: Beat Plastic Pollution

A special assembly to mark the World Environment day was conducted in the morning of June 5, 2018.  Our Principal reinforced on the health hazards that we are facing due to the use of plastic and discouraged its use in our every day life.  She emphasized on being conscious of our immediate environment that is our home and school, and to treat every day as Environment day.

In this connection, our students presented a skit  highlighting the ill effects of plastic and its impact on our environment.

Later, our students  participated in a rally raising slogans and placards with the message “

The slogan for our playgroup II children  was  “ ENVIRONMENT IS A GIFT TO US, SAVE AND SECURE IT.”

28May 18

School Reopening Date

May 31, 2018- Std IV-IX || June 04, 2018- PGII, PG III || June 06, 2018- PGI, Std I, II, III

05Mar 18

Playgroup 1 Field trip to Prani-The Pet Sanctuary on February 28, 2018

An educational trip was organized to Prani-the pet sanctuary located off Kanakapura Road for our children of playgroup 1.   The children were excited to see the cows, calves, rabbits, donkeys, horses, goats, guinea pig, and various kinds of birds and were attentive to learn about the animals.  They were delighted at the opportunity to touch and feel the animals.   A day at the farm proved to be for our children a day of learning, a day of relaxation, a day of play, a day with friends and a day of memories.