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Application Form for Class: Std-II to Std-IX

Download PDF Application Form

Download Application Form

We have classes from Pre- School to Class IX. National Hill View Public School Unit II has a 5 year plan in place. It aims at increasing 2 classes/2 levels every year, also raising the bar each passing year be it in academics or sports activities. Parents desirous of an enriching learning experience for their wards in a supportive and healthy environment may

  • Contact our school office for Registration details or download the Application forms for Registration.
  • Submit application for registration duly filled with all required details and enclosures along with registration fee payable by cash.
  • Registration forms with incomplete information will not be accepted.
  • The completed form must bear a recent photograph of your ward with his/her name printed on it
  • Birth certificate must mention your ward’s correct name.

NHVPS Admissions Open


Offers care and socialization opportunities to pre-schoolers at 3 different levels, depending upon the age of the child at entry, as on June 2018.

PG I - 2 Years 10 Months

PG I - 2 years 10 Months

PG II- 3 Years 10 Months

PG II- 3 years 10 Months

PG III - 4 Years 10 Months

PG III - 4 years 10 Months

Primary, Middle & High

Primary School - Std. I To Std. V

Primary School - Std. I to Std. V

Middle School - Std. VI And Std.VII (CBSE Syllabus)

Middle School - Std. VI and Std.VII (CBSE Syllabus)

High School - Std. VIII And Std.IX (CBSE Syllabus)

High School - Std. VIII and Std.IX (CBSE Syllabus)